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With the rise of the dollar yen, the movement of both dollar buying and yen selling

The US stocks were mixed in the NY market yesterday. The Dow Jones Industrial Average continues to grow, while the S & P500 index remains almost flat. Sales were widespread in the Nasdaq Index. After the Dow Jones Industrial Average and the S & P500 index reached their highest levels the day before, they were pushed by profit-taking sales. With the release of US employment data on Friday ahead, it is possible that the adjustment mood will spread today.

However, most people think that the influence of Omicron stocks is low on the hawkish attitude of the US financial authorities. The US FOMC minutes released today (December 14-15) are likely to reaffirm our stance on future rate hikes.

The dollar-yen pair was on the 116-yen level, the highest level in five years. In today’s Tokyo market, speed adjustments have been made to the rapid rise in pitch, and there was a scene where it temporarily fell back to around 115.90. I would like to check how robust the stocks will be in the overseas markets after this, while keeping an eye on stock trends.

The growth in the number of ADP employees, which is attracting attention as a reference material for US employment statistics, is expected to be around 410,000. Growth is expected to slow from 534,000 in November last time. Meanwhile, employment in the ISM Manufacturing Index, released yesterday, rose from 53.3 to 54.2, indicating strong demand in the labor market. However, with regard to the US labor market, there is widespread recognition that there is a labor shortage, and employment mismatches are becoming apparent. How to judge the quality aspect seems to be an issue.

Basically, the upward trend of USDJPY is assumed to remain unchanged.

If it goes down, we plan to buy more.

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