Moderna CEO warns Omicron that the existing vaccine effect is weak

  • It may take several months to manufacture a specialized vaccine on a cohesive scale.
  • Scientists are concerned that 32 out of 50 mutations are spike proteins

Stephane Bancel, CEO of U.S. drug maker Moderna, said the new variant of the new coronavirus, the Omicron strain, is expected to be far less effective than conventional vaccines. He warned that it would take several months to be able to produce a vaccine specifically for the Omicron strain on a cohesive scale.

In an interview with the Financial Times (FT), CEO Bansel said that the Omicron strain has a large number of mutations in the spiked protein involved in the infection, and the infection is spreading rapidly in South Africa. He said it suggests that it may need to be modified.

“I don’t think there’s a world that’s (effective) at the same level as for Delta stocks. I think it’s going to be significantly less effective. I don’t know how much because I have to wait for data. No, but all the scientists I talked to were “looks bad” reactions. “

Scientists are concerned that 32 of the 50 mutations in the Omicron strain occur in spike proteins targeted by existing vaccines to boost immune function, according to Bansel, with such advanced mutations. Most experts believed that the stock would not appear in the next year or two.

(Source: bloomberg)

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