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Is there any change in the ECB as inflation rises?

Today, the ECB Board’s monetary policy will be announced. This will be followed by a press conference by ECB President Christine Lagarde. With rising inflation becoming a problem worldwide, it will be interesting to see if the ECB’s monetary policy stance has changed.

At the moment, the ECB has the impression that it is quite dovish with the Bank of Japan. The ECB staff’s economic outlook has not been announced this time, and market attention is likely to focus on what ECB President Christine Lagarde said. Many countries in the euro area have a resource import structure, and rising inflation is likely to adversely affect economic activity. In that respect, we have no choice but to continue accommodative monetary policy.

However, from the perspective of international cooperation in monetary policy, it will be necessary to show a hawkish attitude. If the policy balance with other central banks is lost, it may invite euro sales and lead to further cost-push inflation. Also, the other day, suddenly, a hawkish male, Biteman, the governor of the German Federation, announced his resignation. There were speculations in the market that he was rebellious against President Lagarde.

The ECB policy interest rate announcement is scheduled to start at 8:45 pm Japan time, and the press conference by President Lagarde is scheduled to start at 9:30 pm.

I don’t know how it will move until I open the lid, but as a preliminary move, is selling pressure predominant?

20:45 European Central Bank (ECB) policy interest rate last time 0.00% forecast 0.00%
21:30 European Central Bank (ECB) Governor, Regular Press Conference

Pay attention to the movement of EUR.