British government, policy to change Brexit agreementPossible violation of international law and ministers respond

The British government, Johnson, has indicated that it will change some of the exit agreements it signed last year with the European Union. On this, one minister admitted in the House on the 8th that he could “violate international law” in a “limited way”.

The UK left the EU on 31 January this year. The transition period is now underway, and the deadline for negotiations on trade agreements with the EU is nearing the end of the year.

The British Prime Minister’s Office announced on July 7 that it will submit a new UK domestic market bill in the near future. The bill could affect tariffs and trade rules in Northern Ireland after Brexit. The prime minister’s office explained that it is only “to clarify the details in a very limited field”.

However, the EU has consistently insisted that “full implementation” of the exit agreement, which was agreed with the British government in October last year, is necessary. He emphasizes that it is a “major premise for negotiating future partnerships” between the EU and Britain.

(Source: BBC)

The negotiations between the UK and the EU were difficult again and the GBP continued to fall.

Regarding this, British Prime Minister Johnson will hold a press conference at midnight Japan time.

Pay attention to the movement of GBP.

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