EU, customs inspection of imported goods after leaving the UK immediately after leaving-without complying with the grace of the UK

・Protecting the EU market systematically-EU Ambassador to the UK
・In the UK, after the transition period ends, a half-year grace period is set for import procedures from the EU

The European Union (EU) requires full customs inspection and inspection from 2021 on imported goods from the UK. The UK plans to provide a 6-month grace period for imports from the EU, but will not take similar measures.

Even if the UK and EU agree on a free trade agreement within the year, companies will incur a large amount of new paperwork and costs. Trade between the two regions requires customs declarations, products of animal origin must have a sanitary certificate, and there is a risk of import and export delays at the border if the correct documents are not available.

(Source: Bloomberg)

Last week, I heard that the UK and EU were talking well, but this week it turned around.

Due to the rise in GBP, it is currently falling.

Where you want to see how far the drop goes.

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