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UK food prices rose 14.7% in the past 4 weeks, the highest ever

According to research firm Kantar, UK food prices rose 14.7% in the past four weeks in October. It was the largest increase since statistics began. For the average household, it is estimated to cost an additional £682 a year. The number of households who answered that they are in financial difficulty has increased to 27%. […]

The British Prime Minister and the EU are in a “serious situation” in trade negotiations. The European Parliament has a deadline of 20 days.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson had a telephone conversation with European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen on the 17th in trade negotiations with the European Union (EU). After the meeting, he expressed concern that the negotiations were in a “serious situation.” “The deadline is approaching,” Johnson said, warning that “it is very likely” that […]

EU diplomat “The unsolved problems in the UK trade negotiations are the same

EU diplomats said the same issues, such as equal competition and fishing, remain unresolved in trade negotiations with Britain. (Source: Reuters) It is unsolved, but the GBP has skyrocketed again, probably because expectations for a solution are rising. Since it has been rising and falling repeatedly, if it stops rising, we are thinking of selling […]

UK-EU negotiations are clogged

position only. The GBP plummeted at the statement of Michel Barnier, who is in charge of Brexit negotiations. GBUSD buying is a stopout. Consider selling new GBPNZD. 〇 UK-EU negotiations are clogged Michel Barnier, the EU’s head of Brexit negotiations, told the EU envoy that discussions were stalled on three major issues: fishing, governance and […]

“Trade negotiations with the EU are over.

A spokesman for British Prime Minister Johnson “Trade negotiations with the EU are over. Barniers need to come to London next week only if they are ready to discuss all issues related to statutory documents or if they are willing to discuss the practicality of travel / transportation. is there.” The image that further strengthens […]