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USD/JPY: Buy – Focus Currency and Technical Analysis (15-minute chart) March 20, 2024

USD/JPY continues to rise following the Bank of Japan’s policy shift. The market is keeping an eye on the outcome of the Federal Reserve’s meeting and future interest rate trends.

EUR/USD: Sell – Cautious Market Sentiment The EUR/USD is showing uncertain movement around 1.0870, with participants avoiding building new positions ahead of the Federal Reserve’s announcement. The market is focused on economic indicators from the Eurozone and statements from ECB President Christine Lagarde.

AUD/USD: Sell – Seeking Direction The AUD/USD is hovering around 0.6530 without showing clear direction, with market interest focused on housing market statistics and the outcome of the Reserve Bank of Australia’s meeting. With the Federal Reserve’s meeting results pending, new trading positions are limited.

XAU/USD: Sell – Stable Gold Prices Gold/USD remains stable around the $2155.00 level, with the market focusing on the Federal Reserve’s meeting and policy announcements from the Swiss National Bank and the Bank of England. The next steps from central banks and inflation data could continue to influence gold prices.

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