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Pay attention to US employment statistics, which may affect the market’s observation of early US rate hikes.

Today is the first announcement of US employment statistics this year. The number of non-farm payrolls is expected to grow to around 447,000 in December, a significant increase from the previous November’s 210,000. The unemployment rate is expected to be 4.1%, a further decrease from the previous 4.2%.

The minutes of the US FOMC the other day mentioned that the rate hike was ahead of schedule, and the market is increasingly observing the start of the rate hike in March. So far, it has been expected to raise interest rates three times a year, but it has been pointed out that there is a possibility of four times. The start of the US FOMC rate hike has become the default route. The strength of today’s US employment statistics is expected to affect the timing of market rate hikes and the observation of the pace within the year.

Depending on the balance between US bond trends and US stock trends, the dollar and yen exchange rates are likely to mix. Also, as the weekend is approaching, it is easy to adjust the position from short-term sources. It is expected to be a nervous development.

Expected values ​​are expected to be high as Thursday’s ADP employment statistics were also high. Pay attention to price movements.

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