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America “Avoid lockdown”? Government officials for additional vaccinations, etc.

In the United States, there is growing concern that the infection of the new coronavirus will spread again before the time of Thanksgiving and Christmas, but a senior government official said, “We can suppress the infection without limiting economic activities,” and additional vaccination He said that so-called “lockdown” can be avoided by taking measures such as.

With Thanksgiving late this month and Christmas and holidays next month in the United States, the number of infected people continues to increase, and the number of infected people reported per day by the CDC = Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is earlier. 18% more than a week.

Government officials are optimistic, but the fact is that the number of corona patients is increasing rapidly not only in Europe but also in the United States. The number of newly infected people on the last 22 days was 158,867. We are focusing only on Europe, but if this corona infection spreads one after another in the future, we wonder if we can proceed with the flow of tapering and rate hikes as planned.

Also pay attention to the number of infected people in the future.

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