17th in November 2021, Today’s option

EURUSD –1.1280 (474 ​​million) –1.1390 ​​(964 million) –1.1500 (1.6 billion)
USDJPY –115.00 (609 million)
USDCAD –1.2500 (551 million) –1.2525 (810 million) –1.2545 (700 million)
AUDUSD –0.7300 (984 million) -0.7450 (525 million)
EURGBP –0.8445 (838 million)

The options that are likely to be involved in today’s price movement are as follows.

EURUSD –1.1390 ​​(964 million) –1.1500 (1.6 billion)
AUDUSD-0.7300 (984 million)

EURUSD is on a downward trend. However, there is a big purchase around 1.1260, and this is the support. Above, 1.1390 ​​(964 million) is assumed to be resistance.

USDJPY is on the rise. The bottom is supported around 114.25, and the top is assumed to be resistance as there is still a large sell order at 115.00. However, if you go beyond this point, stop-loss buying will occur and there is a possibility that it will rise significantly.

Currently, the power balance at 15 minutes is


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