Mr. Trump unilaterally “wins” the idea of ​​requesting the cancellation of ballot counting

At around 2:30 am on the 4th (4:30 pm on the same day of Japan time), when the US presidential election continues to open, President Trump addressed the White House, saying, “There is a serious fraud against our country.” “We are in the election. I’m ready to win. No, frankly, we’ve won. ” Vote counting is still ongoing in many fierce battle states such as Arizona and Pennsylvania, but he said, “I’m going to the Supreme Court. I’ll stop all votes.” He said he would file a lawsuit and stop counting votes.

There has been concern that Mr. Trump will make a “victory declaration” without grounds, and the US media has criticized the speech all at once as “extremely irresponsible remarks” and “damaging democracy.”

Currently, Mr. Trump is dominant, but it seems that he has decided to prevent the counting of votes because there is a possibility that it will be overturned if the counting of postal votes is delayed.

It is obvious that the method lacks manners.
The criticism is natural, and it is a questionable place where such a thing goes through with the votes counted so far.

However, if the Supreme Court should stop, the market will be further confused and it will be difficult to understand the direction.

Currently, the power balance in 5 minutes is


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