Twitter, FB, does not accept US presidential candidates, their own victory declaration

Twitter and Facebook announced on the 2nd that if a specific user, including a candidate, makes a post claiming victory in the presidential election at his own discretion, a warning will be displayed. There are still concerns that the results of the US presidential election will not be finalized within the three days of voting.

It was reported that President Trump had told his aides in a private setting that he would declare victory if the ballot counting showed his superiority even before the final result was known. Mr. Trump denied the report, but criticized the mail ballot that arrived after the election day and said his camp would fight it.

(Source: Bloomberg)

From the speculation that there are many Trump votes in the ballot counting on the day and many Biden votes in the previous mail ballot, it is possible that the Trump camp will go into a confusing operation.

It is a market development that incorporates Mr. Biden’s superiority, but it is assumed that there is still a possibility of turmoil.

Currently, the power balance in 5 minutes is


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