US-China conflict

U.S. government, Chinese officials sanctions Uighur “human rights violations”
In response, China’s Foreign Ministry announces policy to take measures against US sanctions

Tonight, we assume that the US-China conflict will weigh on US stocks.

  • Accelerate new corona infection.

The cumulative number of new coronavirus infections in the United States exceeded 3 million on the 8th. In July, the spread of infection is accelerating, mainly in the southern and western parts. Business regulations for restaurants and stores are expanding again, which could have a negative economic impact.

According to the statistics of Johns Hopkins University in the United States, the number of new infections has been around 50,000 every day since July. It is above the daily average in April and June (a little less than 30,000), and is increasing at the fastest pace. Particularly in Florida, Texas, and California, the number of new infections per day has risen to 10,000.

The number of infected people is increasing in both Japan and the US. Crude oil prices are also declining, with the first half of $40 in mind.
Along with this, CAD, which has a strong correlation with crude oil, fell sharply.

Pay attention to Canadian employment statistics.

June Number of new employees Previously 289,600 people Forecast 70,000,000 people
June Unemployment rate last time 13.7% forecast 12.0%

After this, assume that CAD will move further. I plan to consider entry depending on the movement.

It is assumed that stock prices will continue tonight as risk-off continues. The situation is that the Japanese yen is becoming stronger.

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