JPY is totally weak, risk-on movement before US employment statistics-Lower price to the dollar for the first time in two months

The yen is completely weak in the Tokyo foreign exchange market. With the announcement of US employment statistics tonight, Sukuon’s movement, which had once felt a sense of slackening, has once again strengthened. In the dollar/yen exchange market, there was a scene where the yen depreciated for the first time in about two months.

Although it is before the US employment statistics, the market has been buzzing. Stock prices are high and risk-on dollar sales and yen sales are strengthening in a cool atmosphere, while Australian dollars and New Zealand dollars are being bought

The rise in US long-term interest rates has slowed the rise in the dollar and yen

The number of employees in the non-agricultural sector in the US employment statistics is most likely to decrease by 10 million from the previous month, and if the decrease is below this level, it seems likely that stocks will be picked up


The Nikkei Stock Average closed 167 yen higher than the previous day. US stock index futures and Asian stocks also rise

US 10-year Treasury Bond Yield was temporarily in the 0.85% range for overtime trading, the highest level since March 25

According to US employment statistics in May, the market forecast for the number of employees in the non-agricultural sector decreased by 7.5 million from the previous month. Expected to pick up from 20.5 million decrease in the previous month

The ECB announced on April 4 that it will increase its emergency purchasing program by 600 billion euros in response to the crisis caused by the new coronavirus and will continue until at least the end of June 2021. Exceeds market forecast of €500 billion

(Source: Bloomberg)

Watch if the risk-on trend continues after US employment statistics.

Basically, recovery from corona does not change the risk-on line of sight.

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