Tonight’s attention is US ADP employment statistics

-American ADP employment statistics for May will be announced at 9:15 pm Japan time. It attracted attention as the outpost of the US employment statistics announced on May 5, and the number of private employees is expected to decrease by 9 million, down from 20236,000 in the previous month. The rate of decrease is expected to decrease. The decline in the number of private employees in the US ADP employment statistics has fallen below expectations for the past two months. If similar results are obtained this time, the alarming US employment statistics in May may recede and the yen may be sold due to risk appetite.

Also, the US manufacturing industry orders in April and the US ISM non-manufacturing business condition index in May will be announced at 11:00 PM JST. Most of the US manufacturing industry orders received in April are expected to decrease by 13.4% from the previous month, and are expected to decrease for the second consecutive month compared with the previous month. Is expected to be 44.4, surpassing the previous month’s 41.8 and rising for the first time in three months.

Assume that the US dollar may move significantly here. Need attention.

〇 Discussed that the OPEC Plus meeting was uncertain, and there was an illegal production quota

(Source: Bloomberg)

This is currently lowering crude oil. I think it will be a temporary push, but be careful because it will affect the US stock price if it falls too rapidly.

〇 ECB will shock the market if the emergency purchase program does not expand-4 days Policy announcement

・It is widely expected that the PEPP purchase limit, which started in March, will be expanded.
・Many members of the policy committee reportedly opposed the increase.

The European Central Bank (ECB) is expected to expand monetary easing this week, despite the current ammunition’s exhaustion.

(Source: Bloomberg)

Expectations are high for tomorrow’s ECB, and EUR buying is strong as expected. Basically, the EUR buying line will continue tonight.

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