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The beginning of the week starts with a risk-averse market from China

A risk-averse mood prevailed in the market at the beginning of the week. China hit a record high number of new infections over the weekend. In response to this, protests against the zero-corona policy are spreading in various parts of China, creating a situation of social unrest. In addition to concerns about a slowdown in […]

Pay attention to how long the stock market rebound will continue

The stock market is showing a general rebound this week. While high inflation is urging central banks to tighten monetary policy, headwinds are blowing for the stock market, but it seems that inflation is expected to peak out at the moment. In addition, the fact that the movement to spread the infection in China is […]

Observation of selling US bonds in China

The Communist Party Newspaper and People’s Daily news bulletin reported on Thursday that university professors said that China could cut its US Treasury holdings from the current $1 trillion to around $800 billion. That is the topic. (Source: Reuters) Of course, if you sell U.S. Treasuries in earnest, a slump in U.S. Treasury prices is […]

India and China collide near the border. 20 or more Indian soldiers died.

〇 India and China collide near the border. 20 or more Indian soldiers died. Indian officials said at least 20 Indian soldiers were killed in a collision between the two forces in the Himalayas, which borders China. It is the first time in more than 45 years that people have been killed in the conflict […]

US President Trump will hold a press conference about China this Friday

It will include the President’s opinion on COVID-19 and the Chinese response to the Chinese response to trade, currency wars and the Chinese government’s political response to the Chinese parliament, and is likely to approve the decision to advance Hong Kong’s national security law. From this point onward, we are once again conscious of the […]