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Bank of Japan (BOJ) policy decision meeting results were announced as expected

Today, the Bank of Japan (BOJ) policy decision meeting results were announced. As expected, they lifted the negative interest rate and set the short-term interest rate target at 0.0-0.1%. They abolished the Yield Curve Control (YCC) and maintained their easing stance by continuing purchases of long-term government bonds. Additionally, they halted new purchases of Exchange-Traded […]

Bank of Japan Meeting: Negative Interest Rate Unwind Priced In, Focus Shifts to FOMC

The market seems to have priced in the potential unwinding of negative interest rates ahead of tomorrow’s Bank of Japan (BoJ) monetary policy decision announcement. Over the past two weeks, remarks from BoJ officials and leaked reports have gradually permeated the market, leading to this anticipation. Tomorrow’s meeting is expected to discuss topics such as […]

Dollar buying paused, but corrections shallow; currently observing the situation

The dollar is experiencing a slight downward trend at the moment. Despite strengthening due to last weekend’s US employment statistics, Powell’s remarks at the beginning of the week, and the ISM index, yesterday saw a corrective selling pressure on the dollar. Today, that movement has somewhat subsided, and we are currently observing the situation. The […]

Focus on the Dollar/Yen Reaction to the BOJ Governor’s Press Conference

Focus on the Dollar/Yen Reaction to the BOJ Governor’s Press Conference In today’s New York foreign exchange market, the initial focus will be on how US participants assess BOJ Governor Ueda’s press conference. After the reaction to domestic news has settled, trading will continue with a normal focus on US interest rate movements. Economic data […]

Keeping an Eye on Tomorrow’s BOJ Meeting, a Slightly Cautious Mood

In the Tokyo market, USD/JPY has been trading in the mid-142 yen range. The trading range has been reasonably steady, ranging from 142.06 yen to 142.46 yen, with some back and forth movements between the 00 yen and 40 yen levels. However, there hasn’t been a clear direction. Traders are awaiting tomorrow’s Bank of Japan […]

US FOMC, ECB, Bank of Japan Monetary Policy Announcement next week

This week has seen a strengthening in USD, but the reasons behind its rally are questionable. There seems to be a correction in the market after a continuous 6-day USD decline until last week. Various factors are influencing the market sentiment. For USDJPY, BOJ Governor Kuroda’s reaffirmation of the easing stance cooled down the YCC […]

BOJ Governor Ueda Cools YCC Revision Speculation, Dollar-Yen Decline Lulls

  Shutaro Ueda, the Governor of the Bank of Japan (BOJ), poured cold water on the speculation of Yield Curve Control (YCC) revision, and the decline in USD/JPY seems to have paused. In today’s Tokyo market, USD/JPY is trading in the 139 yen range. It has regained some ground after last week’s decline to the […]