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BLACK ROCK AI52 – High Frequency Trading with HFM



① Margin Setting
You cannot enter an amount greater than what is available in your HF Wallet. Therefore, check the amount you have deposited before entering it.

② Usage Ratio of Margin
Specify the percentage of the amount set in point 1 that will be used for trading. It is generally best to set this to 100%.

③ Stop Level in Trading
You can set a level at which all positions will be cut for a loss if a drawdown occurs, indicating what percentage of the funds can drop before this happens. However, implementing this can hinder trading and potentially lead to unnecessary losses, so it is generally best to set this to 0%.

④ Approval of Trading Size
This involves permission to enter minimum and maximum values. To avoid hindering trading, it’s advisable to check both options.

⑤ User Verification Code Entry
Do not forget to enter this code: fcc68b145f

⑥ Click ‘Add Code’
After entering the code in point 5, it will not be recognized unless you click the ‘Add Code’ button. Do not forget to click it.

⑦ Consent Check
Click to mark the checkbox, agreeing to all input items and terms of use.

⑧ Click to Start Following
By clicking this, you will begin trading.