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Pay attention to the US consumer price index, and be careful of even slight fluctuations


Today, the market’s attention is focused on the results of the US consumer price index for November. Until the announcement at 10:30 pm Japan time, a nervous atmosphere is expected with short-term position adjustments, but the direction will not be clear.

According to representative market forecasts, the year-on-year increase is +7.3%, and the core year-on-year increase is +6.1%. Growth is expected to slow down from +7.7% and +6.3% (core) in October last time. The market reaction after the announcement is known to be sharp, and even a slight fluctuation of 0.1 percentage points may cause the price to jump, so be careful.

Preliminary market commentary points out that while the price of goods (things) is on a downward trend, the price of services is on an upward trend. We are in a situation of so-called labor shortage, and this is clearly shown in the increase in average hourly wages in the latest US employment statistics. After the initial reaction to the results has run its course, there is a possibility that the rate of growth in service prices will become a hot topic.

Assume that the US dollar will make a big move depending on the November US Consumer Price Index (CPI). I plan to follow the flow after this.

Currently no position.