NY Dow Jones Industrial Average rises sharply over $ 500 Expectations for public support from the Trump administration

In the New York stock market on the 7th, the Dow Jones Industrial Average rose sharply by more than $ 500 from the previous day in anticipation of the Trump administration embarking on public support for the aviation industry and small and medium-sized enterprises. ..

The day before, President Trump announced that he would postpone the formulation of additional economic measures for the new coronavirus until after the presidential election, and stock prices had fallen sharply.

However, on the 7th, the price rose sharply as the opposition party and the Democratic Party of Japan also showed their willingness to support the aviation industry and small and medium-sized enterprises, which continue to deteriorate.

Stock prices rose and the dollar / yen pair rose due to the recovery of Trump.

In other words, from the perspective of the election campaign ahead of next month, the market is considered to be Trump = high stock prices and Biden = low stock prices.

Democratic Party Biden has announced a tax increase, so the image of stock prices is low.
However, the US Democratic Party’s parliamentary leadership has announced $ 2.2 trillion (about 230 trillion yen), so if this is conscious, it may not necessarily be said that stock prices are low.

Personally, I think that the current situation is that Mr. Trump, who has achieved a resurgence from Corona and a high stock price, has an advantage.

Buying EURGBP has stopped the quote and is currently in no position.

The GBP is volatile and hasn’t been captured well, so I’ll refrain from this week.

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