CEPI vaccine may be available within the year

The vaccine for new virus infection may be available as early as this year, said the Federation of Infectious Diseases Control and Innovation (CEPI), which is working on vaccine development through global public-private partnership. Headquartered in Oslo, Norway, CEPI is currently supporting nine projects to develop new corona vaccines.

Until now, it was said that it would take a year to a year and a half before the vaccination would be possible, but we did not take into consideration the possibility that the process would be accelerated due to the close collaboration between companies and the early implementation of clinical trials.

CEPI has partnerships with pharmaceutical companies such as US Moderna and Inobio, as well as research institutions such as Oxford University.

(Source: Minkabu)

This has been positive for stock prices, along with the move to unlock Europe.

However, contrary to this trend, it is worrisome that the decline in crude oil is accelerating.

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