When thinking about risks, you also need to consider your trading capital.

You should only invest a small portion of your trading capital per account: a good starting point would be to not invest more than 20% of your available capital per account.


If you have 10,000 USD for trading, divide the money to 4.

2,500 USD × 4 accounts.

So each account has 2,500 USD. And trade only 2,500 USD.

In one year, 2,500 USD grow to 25,000 USD (the average with normal setting)

You need to take a part of the profit out.

25,000 USD – 20,000 USD

Then, next year Start trading with 5,000 USD ⇒ repeat the same thing

※ The term and amount of withdraw is depend on your choice. You can make it shorter, and smaller.

1 time in 3-5 years, Forex Market moves huge, and there is possibility to swipe your deposit with huge Draw down.

But even that case, you can limit the loss only one account 2,500 USD.

And if you lost, just repeat the same thing with EA.

Next 2500 USD deposit can grow to 25,000 with high possibility.

This money management is most important for keep winning with Forex trading.